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Naa Korle

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Naa Korle

On our shoulders we carried our heavy nets;
On their heads their empty baskets.
Together we walked from our homes,
And at your bank we met.
The noisy silence of the fishermen
Told a sad story to the women.

You who put smiles on our faces
By adding to our kenkeys grilled fishes
Have also flooded our faces with tears
And filled our hearts with fears.
For nets are cast into your waters
And plastic bags of different colours …

Where are the fishes that kept
Our kenkeys company on the plates that rest
On our laps in the centre of our palms?

Naa Korle!

With fearful tears I stand at your bank.
In my palm a lonely Ga kenkey, hot pepper
No fish.

Naa Korley

ECG Disconnects Yvonne Nelson?

The Electricity Company of Ghana ECG is alledged to have disconnected Yvonne Nelson, the face and leader of the #dumsormuststop vigil, an actress and movie producer for non-payment of bills and illegal connection. Yvonne Nelson together with other residents of Red Row estates are in an extended version of dumsor. My question is , is ECG doing their job or this is just a witch hunt.
Any way;
Me ma mu dumsor ooo fellow dumsornian.


Storm shall be over

The birds shall rebuild their nests;
The village folks shall rebuild their huts;
And the ants shall again gather their food .
For the storm shall be over,
And the sun shall appear with a broader smile
To dry our tears.

The fishermen shall climb the sea;
The farmers shall arrest their tools and head to their farms;
And the children shall dash out with joy
To gather the fallen fruits.
For the storm shall be over,
And the sun shall appear
To fill the hopeless with hope.

The market will come alive;
Her conners shall be flooded with people;
And the seller shall sell all that she brouhgt to sell.
For the storm shall certainly be over,
And the sun shall appear to wipe away
Our tears,fears and cares.